Economic Value of Big Brother Naija TV Show for Sponsors

Big Brother Naija TV Show Sponsors

Economic Value of Big Brother Naija Reality Tv Show

Just like the Olympics, the Big Brother Naija show attracts millions of viewers, who in today’s world not only watch, but tweet about their experiences, debate about events and even root for particular housemates. All of these eyeballs and conversations increase the brand value of the BBNNaija franchise, making sponsorship of the show a worthwhile venture for brands; especially those looking to reach the type of audience the show offers.

While fans enjoy the entertainment the show brings, these brands continue to strategize and draw up ways to leverage their viewership to increase direct sales, user acquisition, brand awareness and whatever other objectives they consider most important to them.

MultiChoice on its part has continued to make this goal possible by creating different sponsorship levels for brands eager to make the move; the most popular of those levels being the headline sponsor spot, which for the Shine Ya Eye season was held by Abeg, a FinTech platform giving users the opportunity to gift friends cash and make purchases using their fast money transfer technology.

Joining them was another FinTech company, Patricia, who plays in the cryptocurrency space, and clinched the associate sponsor spot for an unverified but certainly huge fee just like Abeg; and other returning sponsors like Bet9ja who were headline sponsors in 2019, Guinness, CloseUp, Tecno, Pepsi, Dano Milk, Minimie Noodles, Darling, and new sponsors such as Supa Komando

When we asked these brands why they chose to sponsor the Big Brother Naija show, the responses we got revolved around building top-of-mind awareness, driving some brand love and building loyalty from existing customers. For most of them looking to drive awareness, ads, branding of the BBNaija house, supplies of products for usage during the 10-week duration of the reality TV show were some of the branding touchpoints through which they tried to execute their strategies for these.

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Headline sponsor, Abeg, who branded the BBNaija currency as ‘Abeg Naira’, decorated parts of the house with their logo, ran ads during commercial breaks and sponsored a number of the tasks for the housemates experienced an 8900% increase in app downloads moving from just 20,000 downloads at the start of the Big Brother Naija Season 6 show to 1.8 million app downloads by the end of the show.

For some of the sponsors, not only does this astronomical rise show in their user acquisition numbers, it shows in their brand revenue as well which in turn reflects on government earnings in terms of taxes implying some indirect contribution from the BBNaija show to the economic development of Nigeria, despite 16% of our survey respondents saying that they do not consider the reality TV show as having real economic benefit.

The rest of our respondents who agree with the value the BBNaija franchise holds for sponsor brands say part of that value is exposure for Nigerian brands to foreign audiences, even revenue for telecommunications companies whose subscribers need data access to stream the show on ShowMax, and recaps on YouTube.

Another thing sponsors are quick to point out is the boost in brand perception and acceptance that their affiliation with the Big Brother Naija franchise has given their brand. At least 55.7% of our survey respondents say that seeing a brand sponsor BBNaija influenced their patronage of the brand, proving the effectiveness of the show sponsorship for sponsors.

Over the years, the Big Brother Naija sponsorship has also become a starting point for many brand-housemate partnerships in the form of brand or product ambassadorship, which have gone on to become huge economically beneficial moves for both parties. The Shine Ya Eye season saw Cross and Saskay clinch brand ambassador roles with first-time sponsors Supa Komando while still on the show, with expectations being that more of such partnerships will follow from other brands.

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This move for sponsors is a way of leveraging some of the goodwill and celebrity status the housemates have earned on the show and whatever personal brand equity they previously had before coming on the show as a boost for their own brands. The possibility of this move, having seen it happen over and over, has even become one of the reasons many young people audition to be on the Big Brother Naija show.

Although the public doesn’t know the exact figures sponsors are required to pay, advertising slot rates give a glimpse into what is possible, and Multichoice, having run the BBNaija show for five consecutive years, witnessing viewer growth year-on-year clearly understands the media value they create through their loyal fanbase, thus would place a premium on their sponsorship rights.

On one hand, they have the biggest reality TV show on the continent, and on the other, a giant marketing machine that some analysts have compared to the Superbowl, given how much brands are willing to pay to get in front of the show’s young audience, who despite their short attention spans manage to stay glued to their devices long enough to form an opinion about the brands they see, and possibly make a purchase, thus justifying all that marketing spend for brand managers.