Investment Into Big Brother Naija and It’s Impact on Youth Culture

Investment Into Big Brother Naija and It’s Impact on Youth Culture

When MultiChoice announced that it was changing the voting system for the Big Brother Naija show, by doing away with SMS voting and replacing it with a more robust voting structure that needed fans to first be DStv and GOtv subscribers, many people feared that this will hinder the success of the show as the ease of voting has often been pointed to as one of the reasons for the large voter numbers.

As if to test its popularity, the showrunners stuck with this method for the seven evictions of the Shine Ya Eye season, ending up with a higher number of votes than it received during the Lockdown Season which had been its most successful until then.

MultiChoice Nigeria’s CEO, John Ugbe, revealed that the BBNaija Season 6 cost about N4.3billion to produce and employed at least 1000 people directly who worked on the different aspects of the show from setting up the house, managing the decor changes, ensuring the show was broadcast without hitches and a lot more operational aspects. In terms of total direct and indirect jobs created, he put that at 12,000 jobs, which considering the state of the nation’s employment space is a huge feat.

With this investment in place, Big Brother Naija afforded its platform to 26 talents many of whom earned cash rewards including WhiteMoney who got 30million in cash for winning, in addition to task rewards earned during the show, and first runner-up Liquorose who earned over 19million in task rewards. The show also rewarded fans with 30million through viewer participation games, gave out a number of all-expense-paid trips to various housemates and awarded the winner a brand new house and car.

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In the final week of voting, the show gathered over 300 million votes and a total of 1 billion votes for the whole season, which was about 100 million votes more than it did for the entire Lockdown Season. This feat surprised many fans who expected a drop in total number of votes given the new voting process.

On MultiChoice’s part, the investment in producing the Shine Ya Eye season didn’t only yield returns in terms of brand sponsorship and an increase the show’s brand equity, it also helped them generate more revenue from decoder sales and subscriptions from first-time voters who needed active subscriptions in order to vote for their favourite housemate. These sales which would attract taxes from the government, who will also earn personal income taxes on the jobs created, as well as the earnings of the various housemates, justifies the belief of 60.4% of our respondents who strongly agree that BBNaija holds great economic value for the Nigeria Government.

Despite this though, MultiChoice’s biggest impact with the sixth season of Big Brother Naija, comes in form of the platform it has given to the 26 housemates who participated on the show to make the most out of their talents. This group of people now have the chance and backing, to pay it forward and go create positive impact in their own communities. For a show that has faced a lot of criticism about its effects on the youths, such gestures not only helps the personal brands of the housemates, but ensures that BBNaija continues to thrive.

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