What is Big Brother Naija all about?

What is Big Brother Naija all about?

Big Brother Naija – History

Originally, Big Brother all over the world is a reality TV show, in which a particular number of contestants are being camped in an isolated house for a long period of days. While in the house, they compete for a huge sum of money, other cash prizes and gifts, and a few times, brand endorsements.

Aside from going against the provided rules and guidelines, housemates are also being evicted weekly and the housemates who get evicted are usually determined by their fellow constant and viewers.

Currently, there are a lot of countries airing the show as their own indigenous show. Countries like India, Canada, Australia, Netherlands, Brazil, UK, US, Germany, Italy, and Saudi Arabia.

The Big Brother show came to Africa, first, as Big Brother Africa. Big Brother Africa had twelve housemates representing twelve African countries including Nigeria, Ghana, Botswana, Tanzania, Malawi, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Uganda, Namibia, South Africa, Zambia and Angola. Years later, about nine countries got added. In 2014, the show got cancelled for some reason and never came back to date.

In the wake of March 2006, Nigeria witnessed the first airing of her Indigenous Big Brother Show, initially called Big Brother Nigeria. In 2017, it became Big Brother Naija.

Just like it is with every other country airing the show indigenously, In Nigeria, Big Brother Naija is also a Reality TV show in which twenty-one Nigerian contestants or more are camped in an isolated house for a period of 90 days, (more or less) to contest for a sum of N60 million, as well as material gifts, periodic cash prize and brand endorsements.

While being camped in the undisclosed building, they are being televised live to viewers on approved cable networks and channels. This is done with the installation of tiny wall cameras in every part of the building.

Big Brother Naija – House Location and Sponsors

Right from the initial commencement of the show in 2006, Big Brother Naija Reality Tv show and its subsequent seasons were held in South Africa. However, since 2019 edition, the show was relocated to Big Bother House in Lagos, Nigeria.

The first season of Big Brother show, held in 2006 was aired on the Multichoice Cable Station, DSTV Channel 37, from March 5 to June 4, 2006.

With the expansion of Multichoice adding GOTV, another owned cable station, two cable stations began to air the show.

This means that the Big Brother Naija show is exclusively aired by Multichoice cable stations, DSTV, Channel 153 and 154 (African Magic Urban and African Magic Family) and GOTV, Channel 2 (African Magic Family).

The Big Brother Naija Voting is being confirmed by the Alexander Forbes Group holdings, having their headquarters in South Africa.

Over the years, different companies do happen to be the official sponsor of the Big Brother Naija show. The season 2 edition was sponsored by PAYPORTE.
Payporte sponsored the show for two years and handed over sponsorship to KC Gaming, popularly called Bet9ja.

According to Bet9ja, they took over the sponsorship of the Big Brother Naija show because the show is in the same interest as Bet9ja’s aim in Nigeria. Bet9ja aims to change the youths positively and Big Brother Naija is a show that targets positive changes in the life of the Nigerian youth only.

Aside from the official sponsors of each edition of the show, there are always other companies sponsoring the show at an agreed percentage. These companies are oftentimes rotated to take turns in coordinating and sponsoring weekly events in the house.

Notable Brands and Companies that so sponsored the reality tv show include:

  1. Payporte
  2. Bet9ja
  3. Airtel
  4. Darling expression
  5. Knorr
  6. Indomie
  7. One Africa
  8. Dano
  9. Pepsi
  10. Oppo Mobile
  11. Minimie
  12. Heritage Bank
  13. Nokia
  14. Legend Stout
  15. Innoson Vehicles
  16. Lipton Ice Tea
  17. Alar
  18. Munch it
  19. Close up, amidst many others.

Big Brother Naija – Theme

Another notable feature of the Big Brother Naija is the style used to tag a theme to each season. These themes always intentionally sound drama inclined with the soul intent of stirring troubles and controversies. In the last three years, viewers have been entertained with seasons tagged

  1. See Gobe – 2017
  2. Double Wahala – 2018
  3. Pepper Dem – 2019
  4. Lockdown – 2020
  5. Shine Ya Eye – 2021

Big Brother Naija Show

We will look at the whole show segment by segment. Insights on what the show is all about, activities, and what goes on behind the scenes of Africa’s biggest reality tv show.

Preparing for the Show

Evidence of preparation to commence the show is always visible when the organisers of the show announce the commencement of sales of form with a stipulated closure date. However, before this is achieved, a lot must have gone underground and in the background.

The first step taken is the closed-door announcement to companies and brands about the intent for the running of a new season of the show. By this, companies are informed about the availability of an opportunity to promote either the vision, mission, target or goal of their brands. An example is the new official sponsor of Big Brother Naija, Bet9ja. Bet9ja revealed that they resolved to sponsor the show because their company mission is to positively change the lives of Nigerian Youths. In essence, by becoming the official lead sponsor of Big Brother Naija, Bet9ja is promoting its Mission.

When companies’ roles are divided and defined, the next evident step is the logistics and all other technical know-hows decisions. This includes the location agreement, tools, events, designs and decorations, programme drafting, theme and titles agreements etc. This means that, for every season, careful, extremely detailed and proper planning has been done.

After these, the sales of form begins

Before the Show

The big brother naija show is a show that begins with a rollout of tons of audition forms for sale. The forms payment stays open for an estimated period of a month. After the sales of form closure, a date for commencement of auditions is announced. Due to the large turnup of contestants, the audition lasts for more than a day or two. This is because the contestants are divided into batches. As at the last season of the Big Brother Naija, the season four, auditions lasted for a period of one straight week.

After the auditions, successful contestants are secretly informed and they are instructed to be secret about their selection. A night event for the unveiling of successful contestants and their profiles is announced and held. It is straight from this event that contestants who are now called housemates are sent and isolated in the house generally called The Big Brother House.

During the Show

After the whole unveiling night, housemates are taken through a rigorous explanation and demonstration of actions, events, dos and don’ts, daily expectations and instructions. At the end of this, they are then left in the house.

For every day of the week, the activities are already established and routinely observed by the housemates, bearing in mind the stated rules and regulations of the Big Brother’s house. Before we go deeper into the ‘During The Show’, let’s take a look at some personalities and positions in the house.

Personalities and Position

Talking about Personalities and positions, this means that we are discussing the categories of individuals that get access to the house, the ones that have irreplaceable tasks in the efficient running of the house and the people that we get to see and hear on the TV screen during the show. Now, let’s discuss them according to their order of influence.

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The Big Brother (Biggie)

The big brother, popularly called Biggie, is the most influential but Invisible personality in the Big Brother Naija show (Although, it is the same with every other country that runs the Big Brother show). Biggie owns, runs and rules the house where the housemates are camped. All authorized instructions and calls come from him alone. He dictates what happens in the house every time. His orders are final and unshakable. His moods and commands negates the direction each day and moment goes to. In short, we can call Biggie, the Authoritarian Ruler.

The only mysterious and intriguing thing about Biggie is that he is only known by a voice, not physical appearance. No one knows who Biggie is, no one knows what Big brother is like. He is a voice that controls like a mighty presence. He decides the fate of all the housemates. BIg brother at times can be friendly, can be hostile, harsh, caring. He is also an adviser and motivator for housemates when they are down. In all, he is a Big brother.

The Voters

These people are the crucial and most heard personality of the show. One thing about the show is, the aim in the first place is a target audience, this target audience in turn, becomes the voters. Voters are viewers who have grown profound interest and love for the show and a selected housemate of choice. To enable their choice housemate to keep being on the show and at the end win the money, they constantly vote via text message and other approved channels by Multichoice. In the course of the voting race is when fan bases start to rise. The fate of each housemate to stay in Biggie’s house for one more week or even till the end, is decided by the voters.

Now, the voters are also the target of the housemates. Housemates will have to act, live and sometimes go all out to spark up the house in order to gain the affection of voters. These actions of voters in the house sparks up the social media space also. The voters are also powerful and influential in the successful running of a BBNaija season.

The Host

For three seasons consecutively, we have only had one anchor and that is Ebuka Obi-Uchendu, whom we will discuss in another segment. The Anchor is the one who anchors the eviction night on sunday. When he comes, he uses that opportunity to ask the housemates about some controversial issues going on. These issues might have been causing enmity, uproar and beefs in the house. However, Ebuka is the one who anchors the eviction night. He is the one who reveals the voting results. He comes once in a week, which is Sunday. There are exceptions for surprise matters and visits.

The Housemates/Contestants

We all can agree that the housemates are the object of the whole show. They are the ones Biggie gets to control, the voters get to vote for, the anchor gets to direct. Their lives and privacy are displayed publicly for a period of three months. They in turn get to have a fan base, get promotions and endorsement. These housemates benefit from it by being globally recognised, becoming brand and companies ambassadors, cash gifts etc.

The Head Of House (HOH)

This is one of the things that adds spice to the show. Understand that while in the house, mental, physical, emotional and intellectual strength and capabilities of the housemates are constantly being challenged. There is a particular day task that the winner gets to become the Head Of House. The Head of House is a position that is occupied by the winning housemate. Benefits of this position includes, having the final say on all matters arising from Biggie’s instructions, A throne and a crown, a special bedroom with the privilege of choosing a partner to share it with. The overall benefit of this position is Immunity. The HOH is immune from being up for eviction in the coming eviction sunday. This is why housemates always give it their best shot at winning the Head Of House tasks.

The Brands Of The Day

Nearly everyday, a brand or company is always visiting housemates with tasks to promote their brands and in turn reward winning housemates with cash, product, ambassadorial or car benefits. These tasks might take the whole day and some do take about two days.

The Guests

This seldom consists of celebrities and the creme de la creme of the society. They come on some days to hang out, chill, admonish, advice and encourage the housemates. This sometimes might come in the form of a mini party between the housemates and the guest. Sometimes it might be just a round table discussion and sometimes, a game session. These special guests do share their stories, their journey to stardom and success with the housemates.

The Ninjas

The ninjas are the masked errand maids of the house. They run errands during the game, maybe picking a ball from one end to another end. They help in setting up games in the arena or anywhere. They also are responsible for the opening and closing of some parts of Big Brother house. They are called the Ninjas caused they are dressed as the Ninja warriors.

The Fitness Instructor

Every morning except Sundays, housemates are mandated to take part in regular exercises. Failure to exempt from morning fitness training must have been duly approved by Biggie. Hence, the fitness instructor is another person we do see in the house every morning except sunday mornings.

The Stylists

Another crucial well being of the housemates that Biggie puts into consideration is the Housemates appearance. On sunday morning, housemates that are up for eviction are provided with stylists to either make their hair or cut their hair, as the case applies to each housemate concerned.

After the Show

Life after the show entails the housemates journey into stardom. How they begin to live their lives as celebrities. A lot of social media sparks arise from the concluded show. Meets and greets. Ambassadorial signing, Brand endorsements, social media beefs and rivalry, etc. These housemates do their best to remain relevant even after the BBNaija show.

However, another big event by BBNaija is the Big Brother Naija Reunion Show.

The Reunion Show

The reunion always takes place at exactly a month and few days to the commencement of a new BBNaija season. The housemates from the just-concluded season of the show are invited. The show lasts for about a month.

At the reunion, the anchor tries to clear the air about issues that arose while in the house. He tries to help the housemates talk the issues out and make peace with themselves. The housemates also get to share with viewers, their lives after Big Brother’s house.

Big Brother Naija – Rules of the House

These rules stand as the guidelines for housemates while in the house. It is a general knowledge and agreement that going against these rules is an automatic disqualification from the house. The rules include

  1. Respect to other housemates
  2. Strict adherence to Biggie’s instructions
  3. Big Brother has zero tolerance for Fights. Hence, No housemate shall instigate or be involved in a fight. Housemates are not allowed to punch, strike or engage in any action that portrays violence against fellow housemates.
  4. Housemates are mandated to participate in daily tasks and challenges, there are exceptions for sick or injured housemates and there must have been prior permission of exemption by biggie
  5. Housemates must be active in their diary sessions. Also, whatever happens in the diary room stays in the diary room. This means that housemates are not allowed to discuss what took place during their individual diary sessions
  6. Housemates are not allowed access to the outside world. Any housemate caught in activities that proves he/she is trying to contact the outside world will be disqualified from the house
  7. Housemates are given the option of two strikes at two different offences. At the third offence, an automatic disqualification is issued.
  8. Housemates are to attend to every guests that visits the house
  9. Biggie has a straightforward personality, housemates are enjoined to be straight forward in their dealings with Biggie and with fellow housemates. They are not allowed to discuss using signs, symbols, slang or sounds. .
  10. Housemates are advised not to try to open any closed room in the building. The opening of any room is authorized by Biggie.
  11. Aside from their clothes and shoes, housemates are also allowed to bring into the house
  • Pictures of close relatives they might miss, Children, Parents, Siblings, Wife, Husband and Lovers
  • Perfumes and Body spray
  • Creams and lotions
  • Musical instruments
  • Cigarettes and Tobaccos
  • Books to read
  • Alarm clocks and wristwatches
  • Lip balm etc
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12. Housemates are not allowed to bring the following into the house

  • Mobile phones, laptops and any smart gadgets.
  • Medications and narcotics
  • Weapons of any sort or nature
  • CD players, walkman, radio and DVDs
  • Housemates are provided with every other thing they need while in the house.

Big Brother Naija – What Happens In the House

Aside from sleeping and waking up every day, a lot more is expected from the housemates. In ensuring that this is done, a lot of programmes and events have been laid out for the housemate to participate in. Some of the activities include

Morning Fitness Exercise

This is a compulsory exercise for all housemates, it is always carried out within one hour. With the guidance of a fitness instructor, housemates are taken through a rigorous fitness exercise. It is always a way to burn out stress, fats, anxieties and worries. Another benefit of the exercise is to ensure the mental stability of the housemates. We will agree that staying in a restricted area for a long period of time as much as three months is enough to drain a person mentally. Big Brother Naija in a way understands this and administered the usage of physical fitness for mental stability in the house.

Cleaning And Preparation

Although, this segment is done based on the preference of each housemate. However, ample time is given to the housemates to clean up, have their bath, prepare and eat breakfast in order to get ready for the day’s task. While this is ongoing, the Head Of House is called by Biggie and he/she is handed the scroll for the day’s task by a Ninja.

The Scroll

The scroll is a script that usually contains codes, encrypted messages, riddles, tasks and instructions. These codes and messages are expected to be read and solved by the housemates. The instructions in it are to be followed without leaving any behind. In most cases, the scroll contains the day’s challenge. After reading the scroll, housemates are either to team up or act as individual participants. Reading of the scroll and coordination of instruction adherence is supervised and decided by the Head Of House.

Task Rehearsals

Remember we discussed the scroll that it is the channel on which the tasks for each day is passed. As a result of the tasks embedded in the scroll, housemates are expected to deliver perfect renditions and presentations at a slated time. However, at the end of the task, the winning housemate/housemates gets to win cash or gift prizes. The drive to win the day’s tasks pushes the housemates to plan and rehearse their presentations perfectly. On most days, the preparation and rehearsal for the day’s task takes the whole day. Housemates use the whole day in preparation for the day’s task which usually takes place in the evening.

Task/Challenge Presentations And Renditions

At a slated time, housemates are assembled and given the platform to present their solutions to the given challenge in the scroll. In another time, it is always a game of physical and mental fitness tests.

Diary Sessions

No gain saying, the diary session is where the highlight of the BBNaija show comes from. While in the house, a lot of dramas and issues do arise.The diary session is the one on one session between each housemate and Biggie where the dramas are discussed secretly. This is like the space where each housemate is free to say whatever he/she has in the mind without the fear of other housemates listening. The diary session happens once a week. This is the period where housemates individually unpack their week to Biggie.They are allowed to say everything without fear.


Housemates are the ones responsible for the nomination of fellow housemates for evictions. The votes of viewers then determines the fate of the most nominated four, either to remain in the house or to leave. The nomination is always done individually and secretly. No matter how close some housemates might be, they are forbidden from discussing who they nominated.

Periodic Guests Visit

As discussed earlier, a few times while in the house, housemates are surprised with visits by Notable celebrities. This is another way of ensuring relevance and sound entertainment while in the house. Celebrity visits are a mood lifter and ease in the house. They do come to hangout with the housemates. This visit is usually short considering that everything in Big Brother’s house is timed.

Saturday Night Party

Isn’t social life a great part of Big Brother Naija. Every Saturday night, housemates are thrilled with a club night like party. They are dressed as party rockers and they do have a life DJ who thrills them with good music and sounds all through till the end.

Eviction Sunday

This is another tense and emotional moment of the show. In the morning on Sundays, the four housemates that are up for eviction are dressed and have their hair made by a stylist sent by Big Brother. After the stylist leaves, These housemates proceed to pack their luggages and tidy their wardrobes. This is done so that moving out of the house by housemates finally evicted will be fast and easy.

At night, the show anchor is being televised and connected to the housemates. Depending on the show coordinating prowess of the anchor, breath of heats, emotions and uneasiness is released in the air.
After the unlucky housemates are evicted, the show anchor goes ahead to announce the names of housemates that are up for eviction in the coming sunday.

Grand Finale

Through the period of the three months, housemates are evicted weekly till there are just four housemates left. These four housemates are the runner ups and at the end, only one of them emerges as the winner. The winning positions of the housemates is also determined by the viewers’ votes. The grand finale is always done as a party with guests from the outside world. Here, the winner is crowned and handed the cheque of 60,000,000 naira.

Previous Seasons of Big Brother Naija

Since the commencement of Big Brother Naija, an estimated number of 72 Nigerian youth have been opportune to enter Biggie’s house. The show began in 2006 and didn’t come back until 2017.

Ebuka Obi-Uchendu

Ebuka, who was a housemate in 2006 has been the anchor since the return of the show in 2017. He has successfully anchored the three seasons of the show. Ebuka is a lawyer with two MBAs in the bag. Ebuka is a seasoned Nigerian lawyer who has made outstanding success in the entertainment world. In the wake of 2017, he was announced as the official anchor of the Big Brother Naija season 2 which he is still the anchor of the show till date.

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Ebuka is married with two beautiful children. One of the reasons Ebuka stole the heart of viewers of the BBNaija is his fashion statement. Since he commenced anchoring the show, Ebuka has never failed to appear in carefully styled dressing.

The 2006 edition of the show happened to be the premier edition. Not much success can be recorded or claimed as regards the 2006 season in comparison to the recent seasons. Fourteen housemates went into the big brother’s house in 2006. The season was won by Katung Aduwak.

Housemates of Big Brother Nigeria Season 1 (2006)

  1. Ebuka Obi-Uchendu
  2. Joseph Ada
  3. Chinedu Amah
  4. Ichemeta Ochoga
  5. Nguveran Joan
  6. Ifeoma Ejike
  7. Adeyinka Oremosu
  8. Katung Aduwak
  9. Maureen Osuji
  10. Frank Konwea
  11. Gideon Okeke
  12. Sandra Osaigbovo
  13. Francisca Owumi

Housemates of Big Brother Naija Season 2 (2017)

The show left the screen and came back in 2017 as big brother naija with 14 housemates and 2 fake housemates. The season was themed See Gobe. The second season was won by Michael Efe Ejeba.

  1. Michael Efe Ejeba
  2. Bisola Aiyeola
  3. Olurishe Deborah Ebun
  4. Tokunbo Idowu
  5. Marvis Nkpornwi
  6. Anthony Edet
  7. Gifty Powers
  8. Mojisola Sowode
  9. Miyonse Oluwaseyi Amosu
  10. Uriel Anita Oputa
  11. Ekemini Kemen Ekerette
  12. Bally Balat
  13. Somadina Soman Anyama
  14. Bassey Ekpenyon

Housemates of Big Brother Naija Season 3 (2018)

This season tagged Double Wahala, was won by Miracle Ikechukwu Igbokwe. There were 20 housemates and the season ran for 85 days.

  1. Miracle Ikechukwu Igbokwe
  2. Munirat Antoinette
  3. Cynthia Nwadiora
  4. Adedayo Adewunmi
  5. Osogwa Alexandra
  6. Iheme Faith Uloma
  7. Abiri Olwabusayo
  8. Chinonso Onyenobi
  9. Babarinde Akinola Dasilva
  10. Vanessa Williams
  11. Omololu Oyetokunbo
  12. Oluwatobi Bakre
  13. Kelvin Brouillette
  14. Temidayo Adenibuyan
  15. Patrick Fakoya
  16. Bitto Bryan Arumun
  17. Linda Onyejekwe
  18. Angel Awotarigha
  19. Oluwabamike Olawunmi
  20. Iwuchukwu Marianne Onyii

Housemates of Big Brother Naija Season 4 (2019)

The 2019 episode of the Big Brother Naija tagged Pepper dem commenced on June 20, 2019 and this season witnessed the first female winner of the show who is Mercy Ike. This season ushered in the introduction and usage of the Bet9ja coins. The Bet9ja coin was the official currency of the housemate.

  1. Mercy Eke
  2. Mike Edwards
  3. Chukwuemeka Frodd Okoye
  4. Omashola Kola Oburoh
  5. Oluwaseyi Awolowo
  6. Diane Yashim
  7. Steve Ikechukwu Onyeoma
  8. Elozonam Ogbolu
  9. Cindy Okafor
  10. Natacha Akide
  11. Khafi Kareem
  12. Venita Akpofure
  13. Atteh Daniel Tioluwa
  14. Esther Agunbiade
  15. Ekpeta Gedoni
  16. Jackye Madu
  17. Joseph Abdallah
  18. Ede Nkechinyere
  19. Jeff NwekeNelson Allison
  20. Thelma Ibemere
  21. Tuoyo Ideh
  22. Chinonso Opara
  23. Victoria Nnabuchi
  24. Saidat Balogun
  25. Isilomo Braimoh

Housemates of Big Brother Naija Season 5 (2020)

  1. Olamilekan “Laycon” Agbeleshe
  2. Dorathy Bachor
  3. Rebecca “Nengi” Hampson
  4. Emuobonuvie “Neo” Akpofure
  5. Victoria “Vee” Adeyele
  6. Ozoemena Chukwu “Ozo”
  7. Timmy Sinclair “Trikytee”
  8. Nelson Enwerem “Prince”
  9. Terseer Kiddwaya Waya
  10. Lucy Essien
  11. Erica Nlewedim
  12. Ezekiel Bright “Brighto” Osemudiame
  13. Florence Wathoni Anyansi
  14. Tolani “Tolanibaj” Shobajo
  15. Praise Nelson
  16. Aisha Umaru “Kaisha”
  17. Eric Akhigbe
  18. Tochukwu Okechukwu Tochi
  19. Boluwatife “Lilo” Aderogba
  20. Kate “Ka3na” Jones

Housemates of Big Brother Naija Season 6 (2021)

  1. Hazel Oyeze “Whitemoney” Onou
  2. Roseline Omokhoa “Liquorose” Afije
  3. Pere Egbi
  4. Ikechukwu Sunday Cross Okonkwo
  5. Angel Agnes Smith
  6. Emmanuel Umoh
  7. Queen Mercy Atang
  8. Anita “Nini” Singh
  9. Adeoluwa “Saga” Okusaga
  10. Tsakute “Saskay” Jonah
  11. Yusuf “Yousef” Garba
  12. Jackie “Jackie B” Bent
  13. Paul “Jaypaul” Ephraim
  14. Michael Chukwuebuka Ngene
  15. Boma Akpore
  16. Peace Ogor
  17. Tega Dominic
  18. Maria Chike Agueze
  19. Samuel Jacob “Sammie” Alifa
  20. Jumoke Zainab “JMK” Adedoyin
  21. Gbolahan “Kayvee” Ololade
  22. Princess Francis
  23. Arinola “Arin” Olowoporoku
  24. Beatrice Agba Nwaji
  25. Adeniyi “Niyi” Lawal
  26. Yerimene Abraham “Yerins” Saibakumo

Big Brother Naija – Goldmine for Organizers and Contestants

Countless times this issue has been raised. Looking at the way the show is being run, the glamour, the splendour, the affluence, beauty, designs, style and even the outlook. Many people are left asking the question, How much are the organisers earning? Or better put, how much is Big Brother getting from the show. Several schools of thought, analysts and free groups have done their best in explaining and estimating the show’s monetary worth. Generally, it has been accepted that the show is worth more than what we are seeing on TV.

Remember in the early segments of this article, we discussed the involvement of brands and companies. Brands and companies will go a long way in order to promote themselves and get public awareness. Over time, Big Brother Naija to a large extent has been able to build a global audience that is commendable enough for brands and companies to tap into. These brands get to involve themselves through partnerships, sponsorships, endorsements, daily task coordination etc.

Aside from that, worthy of note is the electronic voting channels that involve the use of Network Service Providers. Voting channels are always open from Sunday nights, immediately after eviction and announcement of housemates up for eviction in the coming Sunday. The voting channel closes on Thursday evening. Remember that voters can vote as many times as possible. This is another big source of revenue for the show.

There are no hard ways and means to the show, it is like every other programme that gets aired on TV.

Social Experiment

Following a recent public tweet of one of the recent ex-housemates admonishing fans not to become a lab rat. It is now an established fact that Big Brother Naija is a social experiment. The day to day co-existence of humans. Interactions between ourselves, communications, misunderstanding, differences, friendships and loyalties, the fight for supremacy, exerting control and authority, the struggle for self-independence and at the same time, the concepts of humanity coming to play even in the face of competition for an ultimate price.


According to some beliefs, the concept of morality and spirituality has no play in the big brother naija show. Evident in the things that happen in the house which are being aired on national and international TVs. This includes the dramas, unhealthy fights and rivalry, claimed Sexcapedes and sexual scandals being aired. This so far, has been propagated several times to be unhealthy for consumption. How Big Brother has been able to overcome these obstacles is laudable.

Benefits Of Being A Housemate

Truthfully, a sane mind should be concerned about the crazy rush of youth to get themselves on the show. But, a knowledgeable mind will have an understanding of the benefits of the show. Making it into Biggie’s house qualifies one to be a social influencer. This is an automatic ticket to becoming a celebrity. Aside from the ultimate prize and the other cash and gifts prizes housemates compete for daily, the monetary benefits associated with being a celebrity are assured, provided such a housemate manages his/her brand well. There are brands readily waiting for the housemates to come out of the house and award the housemates, immediate endorsements and ambassadorship.

Since commencement, for housemates, the platform has been a mix of success, failures, disappearance from media and also love stories.

There have been few love stories from the show but the most notable one is that of Teddy A and Bambam from the 2018 Double Wahala season. These two, despite being accused of having sex on the live show, they have grown so fond of each other and are now married with a child. Another one is that of Gedoni and Khafi from the 2019 season, They both are still in strong romance.

Like thin air, some of the housemates disappeared from the media and are having a low-key life. This might be because they never got a big break after the show or a personal choice.

Other successful housemates of the show have been found in different sectors of the country. The entertainment industry seems to be the eye-catch for most of them as it has an influx of the majority of the ex-housemates. No doubt, they are doing pretty much well and are setting the pace for other housemates coming up.